Discover Avallon :

At the door of the Morvan, on the banks of the river le CousinAvallon.

This charming medieval village is  renowned for its historical heart, its battlements walls, its towers as well as the terraced gardens and watermills.

The holiday cottage Le Chalet de la Rivière is located in the Morvan Regional and Natural Park, at the foot of Avallon, less than 3 km from the city center. 

Visit Avallon and :

  • walk through the Terraced Gardens of the town
  • wander around the battlements
  • admire the Clock Tower
  • visit the old Church Saint-Lazare 
  • discover the local exhibitions and the museums of Avallon
  • meet our antique and second-hand dealers 
  • taste the food specialites of Burgundy such as the cheese choux pastry
  • listen to music in the local festival and concerts
  • savour a home made dish in the welcoming restaurants of the town (Dame Jeanne, L’Horloge, Tibetan Norbu, Cuisine Angéline…)


In the Morvan Regional and Natural Park you can also discover :

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